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What You Think Will Make You

Most people buy an appliance, like a television, with no particular features or brand in mind. Others look for some simple features because they have to fit the television with other existing appliances they have at home. Some people look for special features to satisfy their sophisticated needs.

A few prefer to buy things custom-made, like motorcycles. Some people buy rare things such as collector items.

In each category, the choice becomes more definite, more particular, and rarer. The rarer they are, the more priceless they become.

As you can see, life offers many choices. This includes the choice on how you want yourself to be. Would you prefer to be anybody or would you rather be somebody? Iím not talking about being just somebody, but a rare somebody.

To accomplish this, your way of thinking matters a lot. Your pocket need not be full of cash, because money is not going to help you to become a rare you. Your fame is not going to be the basis of becoming a rare you either. Only the way you perceive things, and the way you make your mind work, will determine the rare you.

To set your mind according to your design, you have to start by clearing it. Take off all unneeded, unwanted, obstructing materials that tend to feed negative forces on your mind. Fear keeps holding you back, which deprives you of your opportunity to go for your goal. Doubts make you indecisive. Lack of confidence in yourself makes you think you might fail. If you have time to deal with negative thinking, surely you also have time to think positively. Try to take calculated risks. Be firm in your decisions so that youíll move forward. Believe in yourself because if you donít, nobody else will.

If you let negative thinking dominate you, you already lose even before you begin to aim for your goal. If you let positive forces dominate you, the wheel of progress shall roll continuously.

Custom-made motorcycles are assembled according to the likes of the owner. You can do the same to your way of thinking. Custom design your way of thinking so that you will become a unique person. People buy or order custom-made motorcycles for the same reason - so that they can own a one of a kind vehicle. Make yourself one of a kind.

Some people aim for excellence; you should be no exception. They aim for excellence because they want to and not because they have special talents. There is no prerequisite to qualify in aiming for excellence. On second thought, there is a prerequisite. You have to have a masterís degree. You have to be the master of your own thought, to think positively and not to be a slave to negative thinking.

Just like a vintage car wherein all the parts must remain original, the way you think should also be directed to the fulfillment of your goal. Positive thoughts are similar to the original parts of a vintage car. Any replacement part that doesnít conform to its originality ruins the value of the car. Similarly, youíre born with thoughts that lean to the positive. Any kind of negative thinking will ruin your essence. The way you think can make you who you want to be.

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